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Games are always the favorite activities of children both in and out of the classroom. Hence, using games for educational purposes is a technique that is mostly used by teachers. The reason is that these activities increase students’ motivation and engagement (Razali et al., …

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“The secret rules of a language” said Yates (2004) to identify Pragmatics. However, with the growing attention on the subject, it gets harder to claim that the rules are still uncovered. Pragmatics can be explained as using a language appropriately and accurately in human interaction. Pragmatic…

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Gamification is a popular approach that is used by educators to motivate their students by game elements. On the other hand, Game-Based Learning means using games as a part of teaching. Hence, a lot of teachers are trying to include gamified activities in their classes. Throughout…

Skimming is a reading technique that can reduce your time by using rapid eye movement to go through the text for specific information quickly. It is effective to get an overview of a topic or decide whether the text includes the information you need.

1. Read the table of contents and then the main headings

2. Read the introductory paragraph then, the topic and closing sentence of each paragraph in the text.

3. Look for keywords indicated in boldface or italics. Later, read that sentence quickly. If you see the information you need, read the entire sentence.

You will never imagine how much time and energy you save for your studies. 😊

Process writing is a writing technique that breaks the writing down into more minor parts to complete in a sequence.

Here’s a guide for writing step by step:

1. Pre-writing: Brainstorm and select a topic to start writing.

2. Planning & Outlining: Prepare the rough draft, read and revise your draft and write the second draft.

3. Revising: make sure you deliver the message clearly by reorganizing your ideas and adapting your choice of words.

4. Editing: proofread your work, check the spelling and punctuation.

5. Publishing: receive feedback then, produce the final copy of your work.

In this way, writing loses its threatening impact on learners and eases the process for learners. 😊

It is possible to have a clear accent and also a proper command of speaking in English by studying phonetics. Phonetics means the study of speech sounds and how humans perceive them. Teachers need to include teaching phonetics as a part of their English classes. It enables learners to sound more natural and fluent by improving their pronunciation. It also affects the way they understand others and the way they are understood by others. It is fundamental to practice phonetics, especially for beginners to have a solid start in their English learning journey.

In spoken English, the way you use stress and intonation matters a lot. Stress means emphasizing certain syllables. Intonation means the rise and fall of the voice in speaking. Together they bring out the meaning of the words in sentences and help convey attitude and emotion in an utterance. They are the key to understanding and being understood while speaking. In English classes, we should also emphasize learning how to say things rather than learning what to say only. In this way, we can enable our students to sound as natural as possible in speaking and become confident speaker of English.

Tongue twisters are a group of words that are hard to say correctly. They are also used in language classes as a tool to practice the pronunciation of the words and improve their fluency. According to Putri et al. (2018), tongue twisters enhance students’ pronunciation skill and improve the ability to use correct word stress and intonation. Furthermore, the integration of tongue twisters into my lessons has increased the students’ participation and engagement in the lesson. They are not only beneficial for kids but also for anyone who wants to sound clear while speaking. Just give it a try 😊 You can start with the one I shared. 😉

Blog Post — 6

In the 21st century, in which students tend to spend their time online for games, social networking, creating and sharing contents in technology-mediated experiences (Hu-Au & Lee, 2017), it is indispensable to surround the students with various learning opportunities by the integration of technology. …

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